Our Story

CareFree Care was founded to assist families who want options beyond traditional Nursing Home placement for their loved ones. We can be the next step when care, supervision or expense becomes too difficult to keep them at home or in traditional Assisted Living facilities.  We provide an elegant, comfortable environment where your loved one can live out their lives with kindness, dignity, respect and the love they deserve.

We serve those who can no longer live alone or have progressed past what assisted living or round the clock in-home care can provide. We help people with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, memory loss, end of life care or those who can no longer live at home.

We Can Help!

  • Are the challenges of aging and memory impairment getting to be too much to handle?
  • Are you caught between Assisted Living & a Nursing Home?
  • Are costs for round the clock care getting out of control?